Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New art

These are the better pages of a sketchbook that I started for a sketchbook swap. Pretty much all that I've produced in a while outside of a class. Most of these were done in the same day because I am a master procrastinator.


  1. i love love love love loveee the last one. That blue is gorgeouuusssss.
    Sketchbook swap? What is this you speak of?

  2. It was this contest this art store was sponsoring. You would buy a little moleskin sketchbook, fill sixteen pages with your art, and then give it back to the store. Then they would swap your sketchbook with somebody elses and they'd fill the last sixteen pages you left blank. At the end they chose two sketchbooks and gave the four artists that contributed to them some giftcards from the store, but I did it just to see what kind of art I could take home. Turns out the guy I swapped sketchbooks with was into skulls and bones and blood and bizarre experiments...I was really happy.

  3. oooh sweet. :) I wanna do this sketchbook swap thing.